Belated Photos.

This was 2 weeks before Halloween. I'm slow, okay?

We traipsed through the mud together to find our pumpkins. Lexi jumped for joy at making it safely. We won't discuss the hail that happened on our hay ride back to the barn. We also won't discuss the fail that was the attempt at carving. Lexi carved a fabulous cupcake. I wanted to carve 13.1. But failed epically. Sigh. We did succeed at roasting some delicious seeds though. Pumpkins are still relevant in November, right?

My friend's little one insisted on taking photos at the pumpkin patch. I'd like to think I imparted some of my skills to him. Here's one of his shots:

Definite potential. Terrible model.

This model on the other hand:

Damn. She must be a runner or something.