Strength Training.

Personalized Workouts - Home or Gym based. 

Weight lifting can be intimidating. Especially when you consider all the options: free weights, cables, machines, bands, kettlebells...Where do you even start?

That's why I'm here.

This is not a 30 day challenge, a lose 15 pounds before your next big event, or a shed fat fast plan. I want to teach you the fundamentals of strength training, further debunk the 'lifting heavy makes you bulky' myth, and create a plan that helps you work towards your goals. The results are consistency and process driven. By you.

I will be real with you. Honest. Straight-forward. Kind. With the swift kicks in the booty you need to keep going. 

If you already have lifting experience, fantastic. I can help you reach the next level in your strength training goals.

What to expect.

  • 30 minute initial consultation (via phone or Zoom video call)
  • An experienced and enthusiastic strength coach  
  • A partner in your success who wants to see you achieve your full potential; but also requires you to work hard and find your independent strength 
  • A training plan tailored to your specific goals, needs, and background
  • An online support group for accountability
  • Supplement and macro recommendations (not a certified nutritionist, but will happily provide recs and suggestions) 
  • 24/7 email access
  • Ability to tweak plans as needed

How It Works.

After you choose which option you'd like and purchase, you will receive a welcome email.

In that email, will be instructions on what to do next. This includes a welcome video, a link to the online support group, and a new client questionnaire to fill out (for me to personalize your plan and get to know you better.) 

Once that is filled out, we can schedule the initial chat to put ourselves on the same path and create a map to your success as an empowerful athlete.




Feel free to drop me an email anytime!